Gone are the days when consulting with the best doctors took several plane rides, the added cost of travel, and time off of work or away from family. Until now, patients from all over the world would travel thousands of miles to consult and follow up with Dr. Goldman before undergoing a procedure in Cleveland, Ohio. Beachwood and Westlake Plastic Surgery now conducts comprehensive consultations online with patients across the globe and those who just don’t have the time to get away for an in-patient visit.

How the Process Works

During the virtual consultation process, you are asked to upload a description (or send a video) talking about your concerns and goals along with photos of the area(s) in which you would like to Dr. Goldman to review. You are also asked to fill out an online form covering a series of questions that address everything the doctor would ask during an in-person consultation. These questions cover your medical history, surgical goals and expectations. Once you have submitted this information through a secure HIPAA-protected portal, Dr. Goldman responds with his medical opinion, any further questions he might have, and pricing for the procedure.

Fully Functional Online Consultation

Before ever entering the doctor’s office, you have access to a leading, talented plastic surgeon. The virtual consultation allows you to address everything from cellulite and wrinkle reduction to breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. In addition, you will quickly learn more about what is possible in terms of treatments, your candidacy for the procedure, and how to move forward with Dr. Goldman should you decide the treatment is right for you.

Importantly, the consultation is secure and your privacy is protected through highly sophisticated, advanced technology specifically created for the medical community. Your information is never viewed by anyone other than Dr. Goldman and his medical staff.

Skill and Experience are One Click Away

Dr. Goldman is well loved by his patients because of his skill, devotion to the art and science of plastic surgery and his bedside manner. Until recently, patients had limited access based on geography. So, why not drop by online? We’re just a click away from working with you to feel and look better than ever!

Ready for a virtual consult? Start here at Dr. Goldman’s Aesthetic Link.

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