ABsolutely Amazing EMSculpt

In January 2019 we introduced EMSculpt in Cleveland, a non-invasive muscle building and fat burning procedure to our patients, after the staff tried it first, of course! We wanted to be sure it was safe for our patients, kinda like eating a few fresh-baked cookies to make sure they taste good before serving to our guests! Well, same with EMSculpt. The staff liked how easy it was to be hooked up for 30 minutes with no downtime for each treatment. A few mentioned that they felt their core was stronger after just two treatments, and one said that during her basketball games she plays regularly, she felt that her legs and gluts were more powerful! The results keep getting better!!

What is this amazing new procedure that they call EMSculpt?

Well, let me tell you!

FDA cleared to tone and strengthen the abs, it can make that area look and feel more firm. BUTT wait! There’s more! It does the same with the buttocks without decreasing the fat, so you still retain a desired roundness. EMSculpt induces strong muscle contractions to these areas, equating the 30 minute treatment to doing 20,000 sit-ups! You’re lying on a comfortable bed while the device does the work for you, while wearing a stretchy Velcro belt around your abs or butt to hold the applicator in place. Our experienced staff will monitor the contractions, increasing the intensity as you can tolerate.

There’s no special protocol after the treatment. You may feel like you just did a workout, but it’s not painful. We schedule the initial 4 treatments at least two days apart, over the course of two weeks. At six months you come back for a touch-up treatment, a single 30-minute treatment.

Triceps and B-ceps and Calves, OH MY!

We also now have the capability to treat the arms, both bi-ceps and tri-ceps in just 40 minutes, again over the course of 4 treatments plus the touch-up! And for those who would like to bulk up the calves, we’ve got you covered! We’re excited to see our patients results and hear from anyone who has done this here and wants to share their success story!
Not sure if you are a candidate? Give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation with one of us at either our Beachwood or Westlake location! We’ve created special package pricing for any of these areas, and EMSculpt can be combined with Coolsculpting to enhance your results!


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