Popular Trends in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular as medical advancements continue to improve, and more choices become available for patients due to improvements in technology. Dr. Steven Goldman, MD, of the Beachwood-Westlake Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa is a nationally recognized expert the most popular types of plastic surgery, including breast augmentation, liposuction, and buttock lift. Dr. Goldman and all the staff at Beachwood Plastic Surgery are dedicated to the belief that plastic surgery is a fusion of science, medicine and art.

Breast Augmentation

There are many important factors to consider when deciding on breast augmentation procedures, and the guidance of an expert like Dr. Goldman is invaluable. These considerations include:

  • Best implant size
  • Silicone or saline implants
  • Under the muscle vs. on top of the muscle and directly under the breast tissue
  • Placing the incision in the armpit, under the breast, or in the belly button
  • Textured or smooth implants
  • High or low profile implants
  • Implant shape: round or teardrop

At Beachwood-Westlake Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, we use rapid recovery techniques for breast augmentation procedures. We do this by using precision dissection during surgery, combined with a gentle treatment of tissues to minimize trauma. We encourage our patients to engage in light activity and early motion as soon as possible after surgery, such as arm stretching exercises and walking.


Liposuction is another specialty of Dr. Goldman. So that our patients are able to make an informed choice regarding a liposuction treatment, we will set up an initial consultation so that they know what to expect regarding both the risks and the benefits. A liposuction treatment can help a patient regain a natural and youthful appearance, which can have a positive impact on both their physical and mental health. Dr. Goldman is known for his expertise not only as a surgeon, but also for his care and consideration in maintaining helpful communication with patients both before and after their liposuction treatment.

Buttock Lift

Many patients are choosing to have a buttock lift to improve their appearance by removing excess skin and fat that have accumulated with age, heredity factors, or after dramatic weight loss. You may want to consider a buttock lift if:

  • There is loose, sagging skin and extra fat in your buttocks.
  • You have experienced extensive weight loss and you are close to your ideal weight.
  • Your gluteal area makes you feel insecure or self-conscious.
  • There is excess skin and fat causing discomfort or mobility problems.

Dr. Goldman’s exceptional experience and credentials make him a wise choice for buttock lift surgery. His pleasant manner and professionalism will help you resolve any questions or reservations you might have in deciding if this procedure is right for you.

Why Dr. Goldman?

Dr. Goldman has trained at some of the country’s finest medical schools, and he is one of the few surgeons in the United States who is triple board certified. In addition to maintaining his private practice, he is affiliated with University Hospitals of Cleveland, so is keeping pace with all of the latest advancements. For more information on how he can help you, call (216) 514-8899.