Dr. Steven Goldman has extensive experience with liposuction and is one of the finest liposuction surgeons in the area. He is a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that integrates the elements of science, medicine, and art to deliver the finest cosmetic surgeries. Although Dr. Goldman has made the transition to working in the private practice of Beachwood Plastic Surgery, he continues to be affiliated with University Hospitals, keeping abreast of the latest advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery. While Dr. Goldman is well experienced with liposuction, he also performs breast augmentation, facial plastic surgery, and non-surgical enhancements.

The Liposuction Process

We encourage all of our patients to weigh the risks and benefits when considering a liposuction surgery in Cleveland OH. To make this process easier and ensure that Beachwood Plastic Surgery is right for your needs, our Cleveland liposuction specialists will set up an initial consultation to discuss what you can expect from our surgeon. We also have an online photo gallery where patients can evaluate our work and understand what results can be expected. Once you’ve made the decision to have liposuction done by Dr. Goldman, you can feel confident knowing that Beachwood Plastic Surgery will exceed your expectations. Offering quality care and compassion through all stages of liposuction surgery is our standard of care.

Individual Care for Your Needs

It is our goal to deliver results that restore your natural, youthful appearance. In order to achieve these results, we form an individualized plan of care that will follow you from your initial consultation through surgery and into recovery. We have an in-house team of anesthesiologists so that you can have the complete procedure done in our comfortable and welcoming office. Dr. Goldman, the best of the Cleveland liposuction surgeons, continues to have impeccable communication with our patients, even long after the surgery is performed. In this way, we form lifelong relationships with our patients and can offer other cosmetic surgeries that may be of interest.