If you want your lips to appear fuller without actually adding volume, you can opt for a lip flip. A lip flip is a cosmetic treatment involving Botox lip injections that can give you a pouty look. It’s an ideal option if you want a more subtle result than lip fillers.

A lip flip procedure requires on-point precision to target the precise areas of the lip muscle. Getting it done by a professional, highly credible cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Steven Goldman allows for a successful and safe procedure.

Find out what you need to know about a lip flip as we answer the most frequently asked questions about this popular procedure.

What Is a Lip Flip Procedure?

A lip flip is performed by injecting four to six units of Botox (or similar neurotoxins) into your lip muscle, allowing it to relax, letting your top lip gently lift and “flip” upward in about a week. This creates the appearance of a more full, pillowy lip without actually adding volume with lip fillers.

In recent years, this simple procedure has gained traction, especially among those who wish to have voluptuous, pouty lips but with a natural appearance. It is non-surgical and involves minimal pain, especially in the hands of a professional plastic surgeon.

What To Expect When Getting a Lip Flip

While your lip will not appear fuller right after Botox™ is injected, you can see the results in a few days or so after the lip flip treatment is administered. This is because it takes time for the orbicularis oris muscle (the target muscle in the upper lip border) to relax.

You may observe tiny bumps for a few minutes and slight pain in the injection site. There can also be some bruising, but this is minimal, given the needle size.

After the treatment, avoid strenuous activities such as working out, until the next day. Don’t sleep with your face down on the pillow that night. Be gentle with your lips for a day or so, so no heavy puckering (like a weightlifting face). And don’t press on or pick at your lips.

How Long Does a Lip Flip Treatment Take?

The actual injection generally takes less than a minute.

How Long Does a Lip Flip Take To Settle?

Since no filler is injected, the lip flip doesn’t have to relax or settle, but it takes 1-2 weeks for full effect of the Botox™, although the onset of relaxation begins in about 4 days for most patients.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Lip Flip Procedure?

Getting a lip flip allows you to have a fuller upper lip (and sometimes lower lip), by everting or unfurling the lip, to make it look more pouty, creating the illusion of increased lip volume.

This is ideal for patients who want a subtle, natural look.

While different lip-enhancing procedures and products can produce excellent results, the ideal choice for you will depend on your esthetic goals and on the physical characteristics of your lips.

If you’re leaning more toward a Botox™ lip flip, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Natural shape: the lip flip emphasizes your natural lip shape with subtle added fullness.
  • Non-surgical: like lip fillers, the lip flip doesn’t require surgery. You don’t have to undergo anesthesia or have incisions.
  • Safe procedure: use of Botox is well established as safe. There are no documented cases of allergic reactions or other serious complications in cosmetic patients.
  • Reduced lip lines: Aside from the impression of a larger lip, you may also observe fewer frown lines around your lips.
  • Speedy recovery: Most patients have no bruising. Small injection site bumps last for a few minutes. This means you can go on with your day without major interruption.
  • Cost-effective: Botox lip flips are more affordable than dermal fillers.

What Are the Cons of a Lip Flip?

Much like other cosmetic procedures, a Botox lip flip also has limitations. These include:

  • Temporary effect: The small, precise amounts of neurotoxin used to flip the lips usually don’t last as long as filler, so the procedure is performed more often, usually every 3-4 months. More toxin can last longer but may cause too much relaxation of the lip and change the smile.
  • Subtle enhancement: If you want a more striking, fuller lip, filler is probably a better option for you.
  • Slow results: This is a minor issue, but it takes 1-2 weeks for full effect of the neurotoxin. You won’t see any change for the first 4 days or so.
  • Lip movement restriction: Light lip movement, like talking, is fine immediately after the lip flip, but heavy puckering or straining should be avoided for about a day.

What Are the Risks of a Lip Flip?

Lip flips are generally low-risk and safer than other lip augmentation procedures. However, as the amount of Botox injected increases, the lips muscles relax more, which can cause subtle changes in smile or enough weakness to interfere with sipping, whistling, or smiling. Patients have reported difficulty using a straw or sipping from spoon, although this is temporary.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Does Getting a Lip Flip Hurt?

The lip flip uses a tiny needle, but this is still a needle, so there is mild pain. Most patients do not feel the need for numbing cream or even ice. And the injection generally takes less than a minute.

Can You Combine a Lip Flip and Filler?

Since fillers are more dramatic than the lip flip, they generally are not used together. The principal exception to this is the patient with many lip lines (wrinkles). Such patients may benefit from relaxation of the muscle as well as filling of a deflated lip. But it’s always best to ask your doctor what will give you the best result.


How Long Does a Lip Flip Last?

A lip flip lasts for 3-4 months in most patients, but occasionally up to 6 months. Lip fillers do last longer in most patients, usually 4-6 months.

Is a Lip Flip Worth It?

If you’re after a subtle, less artificial but fuller-looking lip, then a lip flip is for you. It is also less expensive than filler, usually only $60-120 worth of Botox™ is needed. Also, if you have a gummy smile, the lip flip can be adjusted to help evert the lip but also lower it with an addition small Botox™ injection to help lower the upper lip.

If you want more drama, lip filler is probably a better option, but the goal is still a natural, esthetic look. As always, discuss the options with your plastic surgeon.

Why Choose Dr. Goldman’s Team for Your Lip Flip?

Dr. Steven Goldman, FACS, FAAFPRS, is a triple-board certified plastic surgeon – one of the few in the world. He is certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, and Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. His refined injection techniques have made him a sought-after trainer for injectable companies. His team has extensive experience with injectables, non-surgical technologies, and surgery.

Here at Beachwood/Westlake Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, our nurse injectors, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant embody esthetic excellence and a culture of safety. Our goal is to have a long standing relationship with our patients by taking superlative care of them, helping them find the best treatment options for their individual needs and goals.

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