I had the miraDry treatment almost 2 weeks ago and I love it! I had my first treatment done about 4 years ago, but I went into it knowing I would need a second treatment due to my level of underarm sweat. The first treatment took over 50% of the sweating away and a lot of the smell, but I did still wear deodorant. The only painful part of the treatment would be the numbing for me. The numbing sets in very quickly so the treatment went very easy. The best part about it is if you felt anything at all, you could ask the nurse to give you a little more numbing to help.

My Experience After the Procedure

I was pretty swollen and numb for the rest of the day, but it wasn’t terrible. I remained numb for the rest of the day and my left arm was numb all the way down to my fingers which I was told was normal. I worked that whole day so I wouldn’t say the treatment is bad to work with, but I would say it was easy due to having a desk job. I think if I had an active job it would have been difficult. I am a very active person and try to work out at least 5 times a week, but I would recommend taking at least 3-4 days off. When I went back to working out, I was still a little sore and swollen but it wasn’t hard to work through. The thing that helped me the most was keeping up on the medicine, the icing, and the ointment. The girls that did my treatment told me to freeze 2 water bottles for the icing, and it was the best advice they gave me. I was able to ice at work in a discrete way and it was wonderful not having to take any time off work. I would recommend doing this treatment on a Thursday or Friday because it gave me some days to rest and ice.

The Fantastic Results

I am about 2 weeks out and although I still have some welts under my arms, I am completely back to normal. I am back to my normal working out schedule and the most amazing part is I haven’t had to wear deodorant yet! The nurse said I was able to start wearing deodorant if I wanted to 1 week out, but I haven’t had any need to, even during my workouts!

I think this treatment is massively effective and relatively easy to get through. I would recommend it to anyone who had to deal with the type of sweating that I have and many other people have also.

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