Microblading: The Eyebrow Trend Taking the Work Out of Fabulous Brows

What Is Microblading?

The word microblading sounds like some weird new in-line skating craze, but, in fact, it is an outpatient cosmetic procedure. In many ways, the microblading procedure is similar to that of tattooing; it is a semi-permanent adjustment to the appearance of your eyebrows. Unlike traditional tattooing, which is permanent and could leave a patient with eyebrows that are outdated and embarrassing as trends in beauty and appearance fluctuate, microblading is semi-permanent, meaning that the shaping and filling will last for somewhere between one and three years, with an average of about eighteen months before it begins to visibly fade. For those who desire full, shapely eyebrows but loathe monthly visits to a spa for plucking, microblading is an excellent option.

What Is the Process of Microblading?

The handheld device used for microblading may appear intimidating at first. It is made of a series of needles that are used to puncture the skin and deposit small amounts of color into the brow. The person performing the microblading will make small deposits in the shape and size of your typical brow hairs, to fill in your brow line and give it better shape and overall color saturation. Given that this process is not dissimilar to that of tattooing, potential clients should prepare themselves for a mild irritation or pain during the process, but rest assured, it is not overtly painful. Many compare the pain level to the pain experienced during plucking stray eyebrows.

A professional will always consult fully with a client before beginning the process, from discussing their desires in terms of shaping and fullness to applying surface coloration to ensure that the final product will be what the client wants. Once both are in agreement about where and how much filling is to be done, the professional will begin the process of creating the individual “hairs” in each brow. It is done as an outpatient procedure, with minimal aftercare required. The average appointment should take between one and two hours, though those with alopecia or a complete lack of eyebrows may take longer.

What Are the Benefits of Microblading?

The biggest benefit for most who have had microblading is that they no longer have to include their eyebrows in their daily beauty regimen (unless there are some stray eyebrow hairs that have to be removed). Instead of worrying about their drawn-on or colored brows wiping off or streaking due to water-based activities, rain, or sweat, those who have had microblading can engage in all kinds of activities without worrying about how their brows are looking.

The fact that microblading is only semi-permanent is also a real benefit for most people. After all, eyebrow fashions change as rapidly as other fashions, from clothing and makeup trends to popular hairstyles. The comma-shaped eyebrows of the 1990s are now subject to ridicule by many, as the current shape of choice is more flat and tapered, with plenty of depth to the coloration. By the time brow fashion begins to change, microbladed eyebrows will be beginning to fade, allowing the client to adjust one’s appearance for future trends as they emerge.

Choose Dr. Goldman’s Practice for Microblading

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