Do you pay attention to your eyebrows?

Those of you know me know that I have a little brow obsession so to speak.. almost every Hydrafacial I complete I am filling in the clients brows to make them perfect and the response is always the same.. “Why don’t I do that?” and my answer is “You can!”

I’ve heard it said a number of times that the brows are one of the most neglected areas of our face when it comes to daily makeup and beauty routines. That may be, in part, from women not knowing what to do with them, or it may be that we are so used to seeing them in a natural state that we don’t think they need any adjusting.

Eyebrows are so important. They frame the face and can even alter how your face shape looks. Eyebrows that are too short can make your face look fuller, and eyebrows that are too severe or angled can even make your face look angry! If the color you fill them in is too dark compared to your hair color they can look very fake and severe.

The key when filling in and shaping your brows is to not overdo it. Stick to a color as close to your natural brow color as possible. If your brows are lighter than your hair color, go ahead and add some depth to your brows to complement your hair color.

Below is a picture of the steps on how to create an enhanced brow.

Brow Shaping

Step 1: Start with your natural brow.

Step 2: Find your arch.

To find your arch use a straight edged tool and place on the side of your nose, angle it directly across the center of your pupil. The place where the straight edged tool meets your brow is the ideal spot for your brow to arch. You can also use a template as shown in the pictures above.

Step 3: Fill in your brow.

With brow powder or a brow pencil fill in your brow. You may find a brow stencil helpful here as well.

Step 4: Blend.

Blend the powder into your brow. A good tool for this is a disposable type brush or an old -but cleaned- mascara brush.

Step 5: Highlight.

This step is optional but can increase definition. Use a brow highlight powder or highlight pencil along the top and bottom of the brow.

Step 6: Define.

Use brow liner to re-define the lower part of the brow to achieve the perfect definition.

Step 7: Blend.

Blend the entire brow again with brow brush to smooth out any darker or rough areas to make it look natural.

Step 8: Finished!

Take a look at the finished product!

If you have any questions on Brow waxing and/or correction please feel free to contact one of the Aestheticians at the spa. We would be more than happy to help you.

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