In an office setting such as Beachwood Plastic Surgery the most common type of anesthesia is general anesthesia. Most patients are in good health and are choosing to have elective procedures. Patient preparation begins with a consult from the Surgeon and a detailed medical history and physicals are obtained. It is important to report any allergies to medication, prior illness, any type of surgical procedures, as well as medication being taken. A physical exam, medical history, the proper lab work, and clearance from a medical doctor is necessary for the surgeon and you to be prepared for your procedure. Once the surgeon and anesthetist are sure that you are the proper candidate for surgery and anesthesia you will have an opportunity to talk about the care needed on the day of the procedure. Most question will be answered during your consult and will be again reviewed with you days prior as well as the day of your surgery.

Comprehensive Review the Day Of


The day of surgery may be the first time that you meet your anesthesia provider who will examine and review and talk over the plan as well as take in any requests to fit your needs. Your anesthetist will monitor your vital signs as well as provide the appropriate amount of pain relief while ensuring the highest level of safety. In an office setting such as Beachwood Plastic Surgery Center your anesthetist stays with you throughout you surgery and through some of your recovery to ensure a smooth awakening from the anesthetic. When you are fully awake and stable your recovery room nurse will let your family in to see you and finally give you post-operation instructions. You will receive a follow up call that evening to ensure the procedure went well and answer any post-operative questions.

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