What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

The term deep plane refers to a specific type of facelift in which the SMAS, a layer of connective tissue underneath the skin and on top of the facial muscles, is lifted to tighten the cheeks, jawline, and neck. How long does a deep plane facelift last? In general, most surgeons feel that a facelift with aggressive SMAS tightening, like [...]

What Are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy bear is not a scientific term. Nonetheless, the term has certain utility when it comes to silicone breast implants. The term gummy bear has become popular online because it is a cute, memorable term that does accurately describe the consistency of the silicone within modern breast implants. The term gummy bear refers to breast implants made with silicone that [...]

What is Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

Esthetic changes can be achieved in minutes in the office setting, avoiding costs and recovery associated with surgery, and satisfaction rates for non-surgical rhinoplasty are high, but the changes are not permanent. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is not permanent. It involves injecting fillers into the nasal skin to camouflage concerns like a hump on the bridge of the nose. Fillers are not [...]

Is a Neck Lift the Same as a FaceLift?

The terms neck lift and facelift can refer to the same procedure, since correcting or rejuvenating the neck generally involves lifting sagging neck tissues back where they belong on the face, so adequate correction of the neck usually requires a facelift. Variations exist, like a mini-facelift or a lower facelift, that may be more limited. An isolated incision under the [...]

Staff Experience- miraDry!

I had the miraDry treatment almost 2 weeks ago and I love it! I had my first treatment done about 4 years ago, but I went into it knowing I would need a second treatment due to my level of underarm sweat. The first treatment took over 50% of the sweating away and a lot of the smell, but I [...]

Did You Just Drink from the Fountain of Youth?!?! No it’s AquaGold!

AquaGold is one of the newest hottest treatments available in Medical Spa settings. It is a very popular option for patients looking to give their skin that sought after ageless glow. AquaGold’s technique is unique to other cosmetic treatments used in this industry. The AquaGold treatment involves a glass vial topped with 20 fine hollow needles that as they perforate [...]

Personal Care After Your Treatment

If you are a Beachwood or Westlake Plastic Surgery patient from out-of-town and you need someone to stay with you after your surgery, I am the person for you! I’m Dr. Goldman’s Medical Assistant and have worked with him for over 18 years. Sometimes a patient has just moved to the area or just wants to keep their surgery [...]

Now Offering! Jeuveau: #NEWTOX

Jeuveau is the newest neurotoxin to come to the cosmetic injection line. It was released in May 2019. Jeuveau comes from the French word “nouveau” that translates modern or up-to-date. It is the first neurotoxin that has been FDA approved for cosmetic purposes only. Most of the other neurotoxins have FDA approval for medical purposes as well as [...]