One question we get asked all the time by our patients is how to minimize the downtime from injections.  Here are 5 Best Practices to Implement Before & After Injections:

  1. Do Not
    Take fish oil, krill oil, CoQ10, Biotin or NSAIDS 1 week prior to injection.  These over the counter medications can thin the blood and increase your chances of bruising.  If you have a body ache or headache it is ok to take Tylenol. 
  2. Do Not
    Consume alcohol the night before you have facial injections. Alcohol can cause your blood vessels to expand and thin your blood -therefore increasing your chances of bruising during an injection. 
  3. Do
    Eat a small meal/snack before the injection.  Some people can become light headed during an injection for a couple of reasons. One common reason is because the individual has not eaten anything to maintain a normal blood glucose level.   
  4. Do
    Apply ice post injection as needed. This can help decrease any temporary discomfort caused by the injection.  It can also help decrease swelling the injection may cause. Please remember, it is not uncommon for swelling to last 7-10 days post-injection.  Ice can help reduce the swelling, but everyone’s body will react differently post-injection.  Ice can be utilized as often as you feel the need to apply it to the injection site. Please remember to cover the ice pack with a paper towel to prevent ice burn to the skin. And use the 10 on 10 off rule, for every 10 minutes you apply ice alternate with 10 minutes of no ice.
  5. Do
    Take Arnica tablets to minimize bruising and speed up healing. Arnica Montana is a herbal over the counter medication that is proven through research to help with healing.  You can purchase these tablets at a drug store or through our office for a small fee. We recommend only taking after your injection as taking pre-injection can thin your blood and increase instances of bruising.

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