When residents of Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas want to look their best, they make an appointment with Dr. Steven Goldman. Backed by multiple board certifications and a member of almost every major medical society in the United states, Dr. Goldman has helped shape the lives, and bodies, of northern and central Ohio. From revision breast augmentation to non invasive and non surgical rhinoplasty, and also offering safe and easy Restylane and Botox treatments in Cleveland, Dr. Goldman and the staff at Beachwood Plastic Surgery want to help you look as great as you feel.

Botox is a fast and effective method for reducing wrinkles and signs of aging. Commonly appearing as “crow’s feet” beside the eyes, or “elevens” between eyebrows, the signs of aging can be temporarily erased with precision placement of Botox injections. The Botox neurotoxin acts as a stabilizer in the areas it’s introduced to, chemically paralyzing the small area for a period of about 3 to 4 months, so that the muscles cannot contract, briefly eliminating the wrinkling of the skin. The full effect of the treatment usually is seen within 72 hours and can last for several months or more.

Restylane and Dysport Injectable Fillers

One of the alternatives to Botox treatments to reduce visible signs of aging are injectable fillers like Restylane and Dysport. Rather than paralyze the muscles in the areas where they’re introduced, they actually fill in the wrinkled area by binding chemically to water naturally found in the body. This creates a volumizing effect, evoking a smoother and supple look to the skin. Restylane and Dysport injectable fillers used by Cleveland Ohio plastic surgeon Dr. Goldman are naturally-derived compounds which are non-allergenic. When used alone as a facial rejuvenating method, the effects normally last for 6 to 9 months.

Complement Your Face

Both Botox and injectable fillers treatments are fast, safe, and effective methods to reduce signs of aging and wrinkles. Let the skilled and professional staff at Beachwood Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa provide the subtle rejuvenating Botox or Restylane and Dysport injectable filler treatments to complement your face and refresh your image.