Endoscopic Browlift

Browlift and Cosmetic Face Lift Surgery Rejuvenate the Face and Brows

What is a browlift?

Browlift is the term used to describe procedures that elevate the brow and smooth the forehead. In Cleveland browlifts are usually used in conjunction with a facelift or eyelid lift. Browlifts are used with cosmetic face lift surgery helps to make to entire face look younger and harmonious. When the upper eyelids sag, there is often a combination of excess eyelid skin and droop of the brows. Correcting the brow in addition to the eyelids in appropriate patients give a more dramatic and natural improvement.

What are the different types of browlift?

Dr. Goldman, a board certified plastic surgeon in Cleveland, uses three main types of surgical browlift: endoscopic browlift, temporal browlift, and hairline forehead lift. The endoscopic browlift uses a surgical telescope (an endoscope) that is placed through small incisions (less than an inch long) within the scalp. The telescope allows a high degree of technical precision in elevating and dissecting the tissues of the forehead and lifting the brow. The temporal browlift uses incisions hidden in the hairline of the temple and is usually used to correct mild to moderate droop. The hairline or pretrichial lift uses an incision placed just in front of the hairline. This allows lowering of the hairline in patients who have a high forehead.

In patients with mild brow droop, Dr. Goldman shapes and elevates the brow non-surgically with Botox™ and injectable fillers like Restylane™. Non-surgical techniques are actually used more commonly than cosmetic face lift surgery.

Why choose Dr. Goldman?

Dr. Goldman’s triple board certification in Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery provides him with extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, including trauma surgery, cancer reconstruction, and cosmetic face lift surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Goldman’s experience with endoscopic procedures like endoscopic sinus surgery gives him experience that most plastic surgeons do not have. Finally, Dr. Goldman’s high level of expertise with non-surgical treatments like Botox™ and fillers ensures that the full gamut of surgical and non-surgical options will be available to his patients.

Does insurance ever cover these procedures?

If a patient has legitimate blockage of vision from excess upper eyelid skin and brow droop Dr. Goldman will refer such a patient to a reputable ophthalmologist for testing. If the testing confirms obstruction, Dr. Goldman will seek insurance approval for brow lift and upper eyelid lift.

Complications of browlift and cosmetic face lift surgery.

Complications particular to the browlift include scarring, asymmetry, alopecia (hair loss), numbness (which can be permanent), and paralysis of the forehead muscles from damage to the frontal nerve, which controls these muscles. Bleeding, infection, and anesthetic complications can happen with any surgery. The risks are all low but must be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Special considerations.

The endoscopic browlift allows enough technical precision that the corregator supercilliae muscle, which cause the vertical frown lines, or “elevens,” between the brows can be removed. Dr. Goldman prefers a partial removal technique, which avoids hyperfunction and distortion of the forehead long term from over resection of the corregators.

Another consideration is that many cosmetic face lift surgery patients have asymmetry of the brows: one may be higher than the other. Browlifts can generally achieve significant, although often not total, correction of such asymmetry.

If you have questions about browlifts in Cleveland, you may email Dr. Goldman at info@drgoldman.com

If you’d like to see before and after pictures of browlift patients, please see our photo gallery.