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Steven Goldman MD, FACS, FAAFPRSDr. Goldman, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Cleveland, specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and body including breast augmentation, facelift, rhinoplasty and tummy tuck. At Beachwood Plastic Surgery we believe cosmetic surgery is a fusion of Science, Medicine, and Art. Welcome to the website for Beachwood Plastic Surgery, the practice of board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Steven Goldman.

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    This place is great place to have cosmetic surgery, I started with breast augmentation and sense have had many different types of cosmetic surgeries. The plastic surgeon does a great job and all the staff has always treated me right!

    Debby Smitty
    I love them! You got the top lip plumped to exactly what I wanted!!! And I love the balance you added on the bottom lip. If they were bigger, I think they wouldn’t fit my face well. You were right-this was the perfect amount. You’re a master ar...
    Lip Filler Patient

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    A medical spa (medi-spa) offers cosmetic medical services, including medical treatments scientifically proven to produce exceptional results. The facility is supervised by a board-certified physician, and services are rendered by highly trained medical staff. A [...]

    What is a lip flip?

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