By now, you’ve likely heard about this holy grail of anti-aging products, retinoids. They have been proven to soften fine lines, fade pigmentation, stimulate collagen and help treat acne. Aside from daily sun protection, retinoids are the single most important anti-aging product you can use. Almost everyone can benefit from some type of retinoid so why not use one? Years down the road, you will be grateful that you did!

Retinoids Their Importance and A Few Myths Busted

Below are a few common myths explained:

  1. Retinoid must be used daily for best results

    Daily use is the goal but a few times a week is better than none. Slow and steady wins the race, it’s best to slowly build a tolerance to retinoids. Results will vary depending on the strength and type you use.

  2. I’m too young to use a retinoid

    There is no age restriction on the use of retinoids. Many skin care gurus believe starting retinoids in your 20’s is best for preventative aging.

  3. Retinoids thin the skin

    As we age, our skin naturally thins. Retinoids stimulate collagen which actually helps to thicken our skin

  4. I have sensitive skin, I can’t use retinoids

    Sensitive skin can be more reactive to retinoids however with some modification, you can still use them. Ask your Aesthetician which retinoid is best for you.


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