Priming the Face for Treatments and Surgery through Advanced Skincare

Many patients come in for a consult seeking to book a treatment within weeks. However, if the patient leaves just a small of amount of time for preparation before the procedure, a little can go a long way in terms of results. Quite often, we will advise patients to begin implementing the Obagi™ skincare regime about three months in advance to prepare for laser surgery or a facelift. This can be a hard pill to swallow for many patients seeking to book right away, but the odds for better results are definitely in their favor.

Surgery and laser treatments, alone, can do wonders, however, they do best when working with healthy, supple, live skin.

Jill Treatment

Medical Aesthetician, Jill Gunton often draws on the following analogy when consulting on skincare prior to surgery:

Skin is elastic by design. Imagine your skin is a canvas. If you take a clean, fresh, smooth canvas and stretch it over a frame, you will be presented with a flawless finish ready to make art. Conversely, if you take canvas that has been weathered with layers of paint (or dead skin and imperfections) and then stretch it, cracks will appear, wrinkles will hold their form, and the painting’s flaws will be revealed, only on a tighter frame.

Proper skincare treatment can effectively reduce these imperfections pre-surgery, so that when you do tighten the skin, you are left with a smoother, even surface.

At Beachwood and Westlake Plastic Surgery, we are big fans of Obagi™. As the only pharmaceutical medical grade skincare on the market, Obagi™ has stood the test of time when it comes to turning over the skin and revealing healthy, new cells. It primes the face for any future procedures, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, acne, discoloration, and a number of other skin imperfections.

Skin continues to age at the rate you are able to regenerate new cells. If you bump up the rate in which the skin produces these live, healthy cells, it will generally respond well to surgical procedures in addition to fillers and non-surgical treatments. Through maintenance with Obagi™, you are literally cleaning out the “basement” or bottom-most layers of your skin by pushing them to the surface as new cells are created. The new cells that are produced are more uniform revealing a more balanced and even skin tone. Obagi™ also accelerates the development of elastin and collagen, exactly what you need in order to achieve fuller, more favorable results from any procedure.

Ultimately, Obagi™ helps to slow down the aging process because you are continually generating new, healthy cells. These are the cells you want showcased when you tighten the skin. While the doctor has the skill and resources to perform the procedure, your skin is the main tool with which he has to work.

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