The most advanced form of hair transplantation involves follicular unit extraction and insertion of individual follicles to reconstruct the hairline either anteriorly (in front) or at the top of the head (the vertex). Follicular unit extraction refers to removal of follicular units, which are clusters of generally two to four hair follicles, which grow together, so closely in fact that it would be difficult to remove them as individual follicles; however once removed, they can be then split into individual follicles and those follicles can be transferred individually into a recipient site on the patient’s scalp. The NeoGraft device is an assist technology that allows more rapid, precise, and gentle removal of follicular units for transplantation to optimize the number of follicles that can be successfully re-implanted. The primary advantage of the NeoGraft device is that no visible donor scar is placed on the donor area of the scalp. The occiput or back of the head is generally used as the donor area because hair from this location of the scalp will grow well into old age and even while the anterior or vertex hairline may cease to have hair growth.

How the Procedure Works

NeoGraft is not a strip harvesting technique. Strip harvesting involves removing a linear strip of scalp from the occiput and then closing this area with a straight or curved line scar. Although these are concealed with patients that have longer hair, they are visible with shorter hair or can be visible as hair on the top of the head. The donor scar may also become visible when the hair is wet.

NeoGraft has other advantages of not having a donor site scar which include, in general, more rapid healing and less tenderness. Because individual follicles are removed as a tiny cylindrical core, the donor sites heal as pinpoint scars. These are generally only visible with magnification.

The Important Factors to Consider

The artful part of the hair transplant procedure is the design and mentation of the reconstructed hairline. Various factors must be taken into account including the patient’s hair density, the area of donor site available, the area of recipient site to be reconstructed, and both the patient’s age and the anticipated tendency toward hair loss. So for instance, the physician does not want to place too many hair follicle transplants far forward in the hairline of a patient who could be expected to lose much of their hair over time. In addition, many follicles for transplantation may benefit from staging with more than one session being used. These are generally separated by several months to a year.

Using the NeoGraft technique, patients are allowed to carefully wash their hair within just a few days of the procedure and they are allowed to start exercising again within a week except for swimming. Most patients take primarily Tylenol after the procedure, although mild narcotics may be used for one to two days because of scalp soreness. The procedure is performed awake, although most patients do receive Valium type sedation and Percocet type pain medicine during the procedure. The risks are minimal and generally involve cosmetic issues. Bleeding and infection are not impossible, but are uncommon. The primary risks involve the cosmetic result and survival of the hair follicles.

Dr. Goldman does use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with his hair transplant procedures. There is some early evidence that this may improve outcomes. Dr. Goldman is the first physician in Northeast Ohio to offer the NeoGraft procedure, which has become the most popular method of hair transplantation in the United States. Please feel free to contact our office by email or phone if you have further questions.

Talk to Dr. Goldman About the Benefits of NeoGraft®

There’s a stereotype that only men struggle with thinning hair. However, plenty of women find their hair thinning as they age or after a medical issue. NeoGraft® has many benefits for those who wish to reversing balding or thinning of the hair. It’s automated No-Touch system is incredibly precise and currently the only FDA cleared follicular harvesting and transplantation system. The results of the NeoGraft® system are natural looking and repeatable if additional treatments are required.

NeoGraft® offers a non-invasive solution to the very difficult and personal issue of hair loss. Dr. Steve Goldman can help you restore more youthful, confidence-bestowing hair without scarring, long recovery periods or scalpel incisions. It is far safer than other alternatives, because you don’t have to remove strips of skin tissue or undergo general or intravenous anesthetic, only localized anesthetic.

The benefits of NeoGraft® include:

  • A minimally invasive procedure
  • The use of actual scalp follicles that look natural
  • Limited, if any, pain during the procedure
  • Short recovery time allowing you to return to work the next day
  • No “strip” tissue removal and no linear scars
  • Fewer restrictions on activities after the procedure

The FUE method using NeoGraft® can even be used to cover up linear scars from previous “strip” hair transplant procedures. Undergoing the NeoGraft® procedure is safe, natural looking and the most advanced hair replacement technique currently available.

Choose Dr. Steve Goldman for Your NeoGraft® Procedures

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