Lasting solution for underarm sweat.

In order to provide a lasting solution to excessive armpit sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis), Beachwood / Westlake Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa is now using the miraDry™ system to treat patients. According to Dr. Steven Goldman, the facility’s head plastic and cosmetic surgeon, miraDry™ system is the most effective and reliable excessive sweating treatment option available today. This means that if you visit the medical spa with sweaty underarms, you will be treated with the most technologically advanced equipment in a very safe environment filled with highly-skilled medical professionals.

What is the miraDry™ System?

MiraDry™ is the latest FDA-approved non-invasive technology used for the treatment of sweaty underarms. It is an outpatient procedure that does not involve any surgical cuts or incisions. It is currently being used in very few medical facilities in the US, one of them being Beachwood Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa.

How does it work?

MiraDry™ involves the use of a special type of microwave gun that radiates the sweat glands present in the armpits. The system delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm region, getting rid of the underarm sweat glands in a non-invasive manner. This effectively stops the production of sweat in the treated area. After treatment, the sweat glands cannot grow back or regenerate.

miraDry™ Treatments.

For effective excessive sweating treatment, two miraDry procedures spaced three months apart are typically recommended. Each appointment generally takes 60 minutes. Unlike other excessive sweating treatment options, such as antiperspirants and Botox injections, that aim to temporarily prevent the sweat glands from producing sweat for varying lengths of time with frequent maintenance procedures, the miraDry system provides a lasting solution to sweaty underarms.

Prior to the miraDry procedure, a number of temporary markings are carefully placed on the skin to guide treatment. On top of that, local anesthesia is administered to the underarms to make sure that you do not feel any pain. After being treated, there is minimal or no recovery time, meaning that you can resume your normal duties or activities on the same day. You may experience localized soreness or swelling under the arms, which gradually disappears as days go by.

LB-miradryIf you have any other questions please contact Dr. Goldman’s knowledgeable staff at either of his two office conveniently located east and west of Cleveland, Ohio.

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