Facial Resurfacing with the Fraxel Repair™ CO2 Laser

What is the Fraxel Re:pair laser?

The Re:pairTM is Fraxel’s third generation laser and is the most powerful tool now available for treatment of facial wrinkles in the office setting. Fraxel gained notoriety and popularity by pioneering “fractionation,” a technology in which laser light is divided into a pattern of ultra-fine dots. This leaves microscopic islands of skin intact between the lasered areas to speed healing and reduce discomfort.

The Re:pairTM resurfaces the skin, reducing wrinkles, age spots, and pore size, tightening and smoothing the surface. The Re:pairTM combines two proven technologies: fractionation and a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser light source. For years,CO2 lasers have been regarded as the most effective lasers for facial rejuvenation, but they have significant down time for healing and require general anesthesia. Recovery is faster with the Re:pairTM than older CO2 lasers because of fractionation. In addition, the density of the dots can be varied, as can the power of the laser, so the skin can be treated more or less aggressively.

Laser treatments should be performed by qualified, board certified physicians experienced with medical lasers. Dr. Steven Goldman of Beachwood Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa is one of the first physicians in Ohio to offer treatment with the Fraxel Re:pairTM laser. To find out more about the Re:pairTM laser or to consult with Dr. Goldman, call (216) 514-8899 or e-mail at info@drgoldman.com.