Emsculpt is a non-invasive muscle-building and fat-burning procedure. It uses HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to stimulate rapid supramaximal muscle contractions that increase muscle mass.

According to clinical studies, muscle contractions reduce overlying fat thickness by 19%. Aside from fat reduction (noticeable a month after the treatment) and increased muscle strength, many patients experience better workout performance, like completing more reps.

Emsculpt is performed in our office and does not require anesthesia.


What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-surgical office procedure used to increase muscle definition by stimulating muscles using high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves. EMSculpt induces strong muscle contractions in targeted areas during a 30-minute treatment which is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups!

What areas could be treated?

Initially, the FDA approved Emsculpt’s use on the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles. However, we can now use this non-surgical treatment on the arms, biceps, triceps, and calves too.

How many treatments are necessary, and how long do they take?

This non-invasive procedure requires 4 initial treatment sessions, at least two days apart, over the course of two weeks. After these, you’ll only need 30-minute maintenance treatments after every six months.

What does Emsculpt feel like?

You lie on a comfortable bed while the device does the work for you while wearing a stretchy Velcro belt around your abs or butt to hold the applicator in place.

Emsculpt feels like a sustained muscle contraction. No anesthesia or sedation is needed. Our experienced staff will monitor the contractions, increasing the intensity as you can tolerate.

Are there any special instructions before or after the procedure?

No special preparation is required before the procedure except being well hydrated before, during, and after the procedure. You may feel like you just did an intensive workout, but it’s not painful, and you don’t need recovery time. In fact, our fit patients can continue working out without restriction. However, we advise against coming in with muscle soreness from a workout on the day of the procedure.


Is the procedure invasive?

No. EmSculpt is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate muscles and aid in fat burning. There are no needles and certainly no cutting, just non-surgical electromagnetic energy.

How long does it take to see results?

Most patients feel a difference within the first couple of days after the treatment. The feeling is similar to the strengthening of muscles that occurs early after a workout. Patients generally see and feel further improvement several weeks following the procedure.

Who is a candidate for Emsculpt & Emsculpt Neo?

Most people are good candidates for Emsculpt. Fit and sedentary patients are sedentary are good candidates. As with almost any cosmetic procedure, patients who are significantly overweight are better off sticking to a healthy diet and an exercise routine for weight loss until they are closer to their ideal weight before having Emsculpt procedures.

That said, patients with more than an inch of fat and who have a high BMI may get better results with Emsculpt Neo. Emsculpt Neo is an advanced treatment that combines High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology and radiofrequency in heat form to burn more fat cells effectively.

Note: patients who’ve had past surgeries like liposuction, abdominoplasty, and c-section have scar tissue, making the contractions more uncomfortable than normal. Such candidates must be fully healed and have regained feeling in their treatment spots before undergoing the Emsculpt treatment.

Some conditions that exclude candidates from Emsculpt include:

• Electronic implants

• Cardiac pacemakers

• Pregnancy

• Implanted neurostimulators and defibrillators

• Pulmonary insufficiency

• Drug pumps

• Heart disorders

• Hemorrhagic conditions

• Fever

• Malignant tumor

• Epilepsy

• Metallic IUD

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Professional tip: EMSculpt can be combined with Coolsculpting to enhance your results!