Facial Chemical Peels

Chemical peels treat sun damage, fine lines and acne. Peels range from light (with little to no peeling) to deep (with three or more days of peeling) and reveal fresher, healthier skin. After consultation with our highly trained medical aestheticians the type and strength of peel will be selected to meet your skincare needs.

PCA Peels

  • Sensi Peel: Formulated for all patients, especially those with sensitive skin. Improves surface texture, brightens, and promotes even skin tone.
  • Ultra Peel 1: Great for mature, aging skin. Helps improve fine lines and wrinkles while promoting and even skin tone and clear complexion.

  • PCA with Hydroquinone: Good for those who want to improve skin tone who don’t have a sensitivity to hydroquinone.

  • Hydroquinone with Resorcinol: Excellent for those with active or cystic acne and asphyxiated skin. Extremely effective on sun damaged and thickened skin.

  • Ultra Peel Forte: Our strongest peel. Most suitable for those with resilient skin.

Skin Medica Peels

  • Illuminize: A cocktail of fruit acids, this light peel will leave your skin glowing and restored.

  • Vitalize: A step up from the Illuminize peel. Great for correcting hyper-pigmentation and minimizing the effects of sun damage.

  • Rejuvenize: Strongest of the Skin Medica peels. Addresses hyper-pigmentation, refine pores and stimulate collagen production.

Progression Peel

Combine a series of progressively stronger peels for dramatic results: one Illuminize Peel, one Vitalize Peel and one Rejuvenize Peel.

Perfect Peel

Contains the antioxidant Glutathione to help repair your skin, lighten acne scarring, refine pores and diminish fine lines. A booster can be added for increased exfoliation.

TCA Peel

Medium depth exfoliation to treat more advanced signs of aging or melasma..

Hand, Neck or Chest Peels

Specifically formulated for use on the hands, neck or chest.

Use in addition to facial peels to restore these often overlooked areas, correct photo aging, soften skin and even out skin tone.