Cleveland Botox injections are a wonderful way to reduce or eliminate wrinkles in the face, especially those that are associated with facial expressions. Although a common procedure, you want to choose Botox specialists in Cleveland OH that are well-experienced in this field. Not only will this guarantee natural looking results, but it also guarantees your own health and safety. Here at Beachwood Plastic Surgery, we encourage all of our patients to follow up on the risks and benefits of facial Botox injections in Cleveland. To help you make an informed decision, we set up an initial patient consultation and encourage you to view our online photo gallery to evaluate our work.

If you find that our practice is right for your Cleveland Botox injections, the procedure will be carried out by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steven Goldman. Dr. Goldman has received professional training at some of the nation’s finest institutions and continues to be affiliated with University Hospitals, although he has made the switch over to Beachwood Plastic Surgery. Dr. Goldman not only has impressive qualifications and remains one of the few surgeons in the country that is triple board certified, but he also has a wonderful bedside manner. Taking lip and eyebrow Botox injections in Cleveland very seriously, Dr. Goldman is caring and compassionate before, during and after the procedure.

In an effort to exceed the expectations of our patients, you will receive a personalized plan of care for your Cleveland Botox injections. With Botox treatment, wrinkles can be reduced or eliminated completely, as the solution is injected directly into the muscles of facial expression. Since Botox specialists in Cleveland OH see their patients on a routine basis, we continually engage in open communication, forming a positive rapport with our patients. It is no wonder why so many area residents have chosen to have Cleveland facial and eyebrow Botox injections from no one other than Dr. Goldman. Call to schedule your appointment now!