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Gynecomastia: Case 39

Gynecomastia repair (male breast reduction)

A limited incision in the border of the aereola is used to remove excess tissue, and liposuction is used to further the chest and surrounding areas. The incision is well hidden when it heals. The contours look natural after sculpting the surrounding areas with liposuction.

Gynecomastia: Case 40

Gynecomastia repair (male breast reduction)

Reduction of excess male breast tissue with liposuction and removal through a hidden periaereolar incision. Notice that the aereola actually decrease in size and prominence (they appear less “puffy”).

Gynecomastia: Case 108

Gynecomastia repair (male breast reduction)

This 6’2″, 180lb patient underwent open excision gynecomastia with chest liposuction.